Digital Library of Polish and Poland-Related News Pamphlets
from the 16th to the 18th Century

About the Repository

The digital library of Polish ephemeral prints from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries contains all of the surviving prints described in scientific publications. The list was compiled on the basis of Konrad's Zawadzki's work: “Gazety ulotne polskie i Polski dotyczące od XVI-XVIII wieku” which comprises about 2,500 bilbiographical entries.

The database allows searches according to multiple criteria, including those normally used in bibliographical descriptions (mostly borrowed from K. Zawadzki), as well as those less typical: thematic, genre-related and others. Prints relating to the same facts are hyperlinked, especially those that are most likely or certainly translations from other texts available in the library. In addition, some of the prints are described from historical, linguistic and media history perspectives.

The repository is located on the server of the Institute of Journalism of the University of Warsaw. Any comments related to its functioning should be sent to:

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